Bitcoin Fundamentals

Did you see how many people hurt themselves this cycle? Last cycle? Every cycle countless users are led in by scams that pretend to be innovative and revolutionary and related to Bitcoin, and the platforms that make themselves vulnerable supporting them (even indirectly). Scams that are on the same platforms beside bitcoin. That are on the same wallets as bitcoin. That have the same name as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. That use the same “revolutionary technology” of blockchain.

This is the bear winter. It’s on back of one of the shitcoin collapses for the ages with mtgox. It’s time to clean this culture up a bit and get back to the Bitcoin fundamentals and see if we as a community can lay the ground work for a safe and informed bull spring.

Run a node. Do not use shitcoin wallets and services. Always hold your keys. Don’t trust, verify. That’s the kind of adoption I’m interested in.

If you want to know how? Take all the time you need and inform yourself at one of many places but do so with a critical mind. Think “who am I trusting and is it really that much work to eliminate that trust?” Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. Price doesn’t matter. Half these people are trying to rob you and no one is as interested in securing your money (or platform built on money) as you are. Just take your time.

Let’s verify more and trust less. Let’s disassociate from “crypto” and stablecoins, or whatever that culture has become. Let’s try to spread the highest quality methods, knowledge, and businesses. Not necessarily the most accessible and convenient. Not the ones paying us the most in yield or sponsorships.

I’m not under any illusion we’re going to save anyone from themselves, and it’ll never be close to perfect, but we can all do a lot better for ourselves and the people arriving in the community tomorrow than the low standards and advice regularly given in here. Than the companies we as a Bitcoin community regularly enable.

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