Bitcoin: Freedom Money

Hi All,

I’m incredibly proud to finally publish an article I’ve been working on for a while titled “Bitcoin: Freedom Money“.

It discusses how Bitcoin embodies American values and how many of its inherent protocol properties symbolize important amendments on freedom found in the U.S. Constitution.

I fully believe Bitcoin is global and want BTC to succeed at a global scale. However, I live in DC and I spend time educating congressional staffers, Treasury, and any official I can speak with about the importance of Bitcoin. So the purpose of this article is to have a more U.S. centric framework, but in reality, the discussions of freedom can be incorporated into any nation that supports freedom and personal liberties.

Huge thanks to everyone in the Bitcoin community who I’ve learned from over the past couple of years. You all are the reason why I’ve become so educated on this topic and why I’m able to defend Bitcoin in a multitude of debates I’m having at events in DC.

Now it’s my turn to continue educating efforts and I hope you find this article useful. Feel free to connect with me on twitter: @ tmccarthyv94

Stay Humble & Stack Sats

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