Best books for someone with intermediate (mainly philosophical) understanding of Bitcoin?

I have an academic background in philosophy & economics and have read “big picture” books like The Bitcoin Standard. Overall, I think I have a solid understanding of why Bitcoin is useful.

However, I am essentially illiterate when it comes to computer programming. For example, I know what the general difference between proof of work vs. proof of stake is, however, I don’t really understand what exactly these algorithms are that are being solved and what changes about them to make them more/less difficult. Similarly, I read about the 24.0 update and basically had no idea what they were talking about.

In general, I’m looking for a book that focuses on the technical/coding details of Bitcoin, but isn’t meant for coders. Something similar to the For Dummies series, like, “Bitcoin Technicals for Dummies.”

Although I prefer books, I am also open to other suggestions on how people who don’t know anything about coding learned more about the code that runs bitcoin. I’m hoping to avoid books/content that cover the general topics mentioned in Bitcoin Standard.

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