Another scam the scammer story.

I saw how much you guys enjoyed this post, so thought I’d share my experience of getting a scammer to send me a $27 “token gift” several months ago.

Full story: https://imgur.com/a/zYjdjdC

Summary: The scammer is impersonating “The Bitcoin Rabbi” but replaces the “i” in Rabbi with a “j.” He supposedly can give you 10x on your investment in 5 days if you join his trading/investment company. I used the “inspect element” tool in the browser to create fake screenshots of “my bitcoin wallet” to make him believe that I had several bitcoin. I then used the same technique to create a fake conversation between me and another “investment” company. I got him to believe this other company offered a “token gift” to new investors as a sign of trust. I eventually get the scammer to compete with this other fake company and send me a $27 “token gift.”

The scammers twitter handle is one letter off from the real Bitcoin Rabbi. The scammer replaced the “i” with a “j” so after receiving the token gift, I began replacing all “i’ with “j” until he figured out what was going on. Since he is a “Rabbi” I also question him about the 7th commandment, “Thou shall not steal.”

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