A warning to new investors and some very important advice.

PLEASE be incredibly wary of the massive influx of Youtube Crypto Gurus who are selling you their “TA”/analysis, often with manufactured and over excited speech.

Many of you have just started out investing in Cryptocurrency.

Congratulations! You are a relatively new adopter.

Naturally you are seeking guidance about investment strageies; for example, “Which coins should I invest in?” “When is the best time to buy?” “Which technical charts should I look at if I want to Day Trade”




Investing in crypto is an incredibly simple process.

  • Buy Bitcoin. (Dollar Cost Average)
  • Hodl it for as long as you can.
  • When there is a dip. Buy more.

That’s it. Technical analysis ONLY benefits the people who are selling it to YOU. You cannot predict this market with exotic sounding extensions. Read more about why TA doesn’t work in Crypto, if you want to learn more.

The sharks and manipulators will encourage you to sign up for their ultimately useless classes and use their BONUS codes to sign up for devastating leverage trading on various platforms which WILL eventually leave you with nothing. But why? Well, There is a reason why they push this in EVERY video they make.

They want YOU, the naive newcomer to make moves and trade as much as possible using bonuses they have available on certain sites and to sign up to their classes which DO NOT WORK.

They want encourage you to trade and make THEM money. It’s a very obvious game and it nets these disgraceful people hundreds of thousands, if not millions in referral revenue, donations and sign ups.

Bitcoin is a FANTASTIC investment, but that’s all you have to do.

  • Buy (Dollar Cost Average)
  • Hodl.
  • Buy Dips.

That’s it. Please do not get scammed.

I have seen too many innocent victims fall for these ridiculous Yutubers shilling strategies only to line their pockets.

Watch these videos for entertainment purposes only. TA in Crypto is essentially, Astrology. Read and keep aware of what’s happening in the world and the markets IF you are a trader. But, again. Don’t trade. Buy. Hodl. Wait.

You have the same odds using a Ouija bored to predict what is happening, but you have almost a guranteed success rate if you just buy and hodl.

Buy Bitcoin. Zoom out. Relax and wait.

Stay safe.

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