A Dream

A dream of prophecy

Been here before

halfway down the cliff

the way is rocky but manageable

Follow the path of least resistance like water

We are stronger here

When we find three metal spikes, use two to grapple

leave the third

At this point we are near the bottom, but nearer still you will find metal

infrastructure from a civilization past, twist, warped and weathered

Now we can see the bottom, what remains is getting off the cliff face

at this point it is dangerous as the lip of the cliff is crumbly and rocks do roll off

send two over the edge for fun, but do not slip

we find a way to water and boulders that sway with the waves by the shore line

three are massive, bump back and forth, almost floating

and then we are at the bottom, ankle deep in water on a small rocky circle of an island

and their we find a grizzly bear lives, eating the dead of the polar bears gone

it senses us, angles towards us

resist we do, fly into the wind at our back, we try.

Though we rise, we float back down and rest easy on the islands edge

The bear locks on, there is nothing for it now but to fight

as it charges, we use both fists to great affect

the bear is wounded, and we find we have much more strength then we thought

Fear is lost, gone with the wind

We Strike for a golden victory, unhinging gravity.

The bear is defeated.

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