Sell Bitcoin to invest in a business venture?

Hi everyone, I’ve recently been given the opportunity to go 50/50 on a chair rental business. The business would generate at least (I know this because I’ve already gotten 7 inquiries for this type of rental already) $4300 annually. I expect that we will far exceed this number next year. The problem: I don’t have […]

Bitcoin and social media similarities

I am a bit new to bitcoin and money so please bear with me. I’ve been thinking about similarities between how money and bitcoin work and social networks, wanted to share my thoughts and hear out what you guys might think as well! I’m really eager to learn more about it, I feel we’re so […]

Finance logic

Lets assume I bought 1 bitcoin for one dollar. After five years bitcoins value has gone to ten thousand dollars. I decide to cash out. Somewhere am getting nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety nine dollars more than what I paid for. Where is that coming from? Would the explanation still work if everyone […]

Covering the 2024 Presidential Election

It gives me no pleasure to report that less than six months into this Congressional term, the 2024 election season has become fully underway. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) officially declared his candidacy last week, though he appears to have been laying the groundwork (campaigning) for quite some time. Crypto hasn’t been an issue in […]