GPT-4 Dinosaurs

https://www.forbes.com/sites/digital-assets/2023/03/30/elizabeth-warren-is-building-an-anti-crypto-army-feeding-serious-us-bitcoin-ban-warnings/ submitted by /u/Cool-Topic8096 [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Self-Custodial Best Practices

https://blog.thebitcoinhole.com/bitcoin-self-custodial-best-practices-d35374e83f38 Generate your own entropy Use 24 words seed phrases Multiple backups for your recovery key(s) Keep keys geographically distributed For singlesig, encrypt your keys For singlesig, use Seed XOR Use Metal Backups Use Tamper Evident Seals Backup a template that describes your wallet Use Hardware Wallets Buy your Hardware Wallet directly from the manufacturers […]