Big news out of Denver RE staking – rocket~pool and Lido get a $4.1 billion competitor in bitcoin VC Pantera

https://preview.redd.it/a6642u4esyka1.png?width=959&format=png&auto=webp&s=3f9d7ad3ee3a4151cb00444fca3182264ae2f427 So, I’m actually surprised they’ve taken this move, given the ongoing uncertainty of staking regulation in the US right now , however as one of the biggest VC firms in crypto, i dont doubt they know what they’re doing I guess… I have played around with liquidity provision, seems robust, but havent tried staking […]

Bitcoin gets regular updates like the Taproot upgrade when majority of miners agree to it. what prevents them from pushing towards higher mining rewards upgrade?

the Taproot soft fork had approval of 90% of miners. it seems too easy for miners to manipulate the bitcoin active developers into upgrades that benefits them like pushing the next halving to a later date, or something similar that could benefit them. it could be very subtle how do we know there is no […]

Bitcoin and Stock Market

Hi guys, I’m new in this world. I’m 23 yo, and I was thinking about investing trying to get to FIRE as soon as possible. I was thinking, this world that BTC wants to create (crypto-anarchism ideology) does interfere with the Stock Market and his course? Because I was trying to create a portfolio and […]

What are your percentages on Bitcoin DCA?

I am DCAing since January 2022 weekly every Tuesday. Currently my balance/percentage is at -6.54% My questions: Is this below or above the average? What are your percentages? Which weekday and frequency do you use? Should I pick a different weekday or frequency? submitted by /u/Mallukotti [link] [comments]