I made my first buy at bisq

I did it. I swear to god this is the most convenient way to buy and sell bitcoins. The way that this is intended—> peer-to-peer. Way better than centralised exchanges. Embrace open protocols and ditch centralised non-open source platforms. If there is anyone out there that doesn‘t know if he or she should start install […]

Bitcoin vs yellow metal – Detailed and objective analysis

USE AS A STORE OF VALUE: Annual gold inflation: 1.5% Physical gold storage costs: 0.5% Paper gold storage costs: 0.15-0.5% + brokerage holding fees 0.25% (0.4%-0.75%) Self custody costs: 0%(buying selling often has large spreads) Estimated average annual cost of holding gold(inflation+storage) 2% ————— Bitcoin inflation: Trending towards 0%, less than 0.1% after next 5 […]