Just Became a Whole Coiner

Aped in during the 2020-2021 bull run. Bought a bunch of stupid coins. Thought bitcoin was old tech, yada yada Anyway, bought my first whole BTC this week, sent it to a hard wallet. Learned the lesson the hard way. submitted by /u/PugachevK [link] [comments]

SBF down bad

Is anyone watching his interview on cnbc right now? He is getting killed and you can see on his face he never should have agreed to this. submitted by /u/Comfortable_Dress_21 [link] [comments]

Resources about Bitcoin and the energy grid

Hello all. I am putting together a presentation about bitcoin mining and how it helps secure the energy grid. Could you help point me to resources that I can do some further reading on this? Please link, articles, websites, anything that is reputable and wouldn’t be embarrassing to use as a reference. I’m looking to […]