Bisq contributor AMA

Hi all I am a Bisq contributor (proof) Bisq is an open source platform for users to buy and sell Bitcoin for fiat peer to peer. It is privacy focused and decentralized. My roles for Bisq are mainly support and mediation. I have been contributing to Bisq for a couple of years and thought it […]

Bitcoin Riddle

I was listening to a video by the Austrian Bitcoiner “Gigi”. He mentioned a riddle it goes like this: If the last block was mined 9 minutes ago, when will the next one come in? He the answer was not 1 min, but 10 mins. Always 10 mins. He said to say 1 minute is […]

Capital Gains Tax – Uk

Hey all, this is a genuine question specifically relating to Capital Gains Tax in the UK. For those who may not know, we have to pay CGT on £12k or more per year. There is some weird algorithm they use, but if we are talking figures of £100k+ then you are looking at losing circa […]

New Bitcoin Ticker for Android

I just released a new minimalist Bitcoin only price ticker app and widget for Android. Looking for testers and feedback. What features would you like to see that are not often included in similar existing apps? Thank you! ​ https://preview.redd.it/j083uicaqc2a1.png?width=1080&format=png&auto=webp&s=82255ba0a4e6b5540db90968adcbe2fc70621e4f https://preview.redd.it/h201imcaqc2a1.png?width=1080&format=png&auto=webp&s=d5dd03210e78d695b09914894be875741ccbee54 submitted by /u/thisbitBrain [link] [comments]