Raise the drawbridge.

There’s so much turmoil out there. Not just in equities, but currencies dissolving, inflation, military escalation in the East, and a global energy crisis. Well, I’m done. I just bought my daughter’s Christmas presents (electric keyboard, Jelly Beans and special hot chocolate), went clothes shopping, bought new spectacles, and put my leftover savings into bitcoin. […]

How will BTC fare with this economic disaster?

The economy is way worse than the media/governments are sharing. Germany just “borrowed” (printed) billions of euros to help with energy costs, Chinas housing bubble is collapsing. A lot of places have much higher gas/energy price because of the war. The governments preaching “green energy” is not helping with the general prices of things, since […]

Who else invests in Bitcoin not because you like it, but because there isn’t anything really better?

Seriously! Let’s look at the alternatives: Crypto not named Bitcoin (shitcoins): Too centralized/captured, or they’re a less used/ill conceived version of Bitcoin itself but worse, or they track the $ which is basically fiat. Shares of publicly traded companies (stocks): The management team controls the issuance and buybacks, the prices go up when the central […]

The problem with Bitcoin == throughput.

The population of the Philippines is about 109 million. If all of those people, on that small island nation, decided to make Bitcoin their main currency….there would be enough throughput on the base network to allow each Filipino person to do 2 transactions per year. And that’s just one little island nation. You might say, […]