is belem exchange safe ?

hey guys is that safe exchange ?? a Chinese man told me come and join us for make money even she gived to me her trading account and teach me something i was in her account I’ve seen his balance How she trusted me ?? i think i could even take her money from her […]

Can anyone explain to me how it works with what you can see on the blockchain and what you can’t? If a wallet address generates a new receive address each time BTC is sent to it, then how can you see that wallet’s balance on the blockchain, or can you?

So, this post stated that approx. 900,000 addresses hold >1 BTC in them. (1802) Congratulation for 900k whole coiners ! : Bitcoin (reddit.com) Ok, so…if you can know that by looking at the blockchain, then what good does it do to generate a new receive address each time you receive BTC? Because a blockchain analysis […]