What stops LN from eventually becoming centralized?

I’m a maxi… But I’ve had a thought that’s bugging me. If one day I must use an LN node with more channels in order to be more confident my transaction has the shortest route possible, how does the network NOT become centralized over sufficient time? FedEx became the beast they are by utilizing this […]

Out there Bitcoin theory

It’s always been my belief that as the fiat system collapsed there would be a rush by western governments & central banks into Bitcoin so that they could still be relevant (and stay in power) once the system reset itself. Well now it looks almost inevitable that the system will collapse in the near future, […]

Buying BTC on Ledger Live

How does everyone feel about buying BTC on Ledger Live? From what I used to read, people would not recommend it, but from what I have seen, the rates match the other exchanges and it also means I wouldn’t have to pay any fees moving it off from any exchanges? Just looking to see if […]

Question about Consensus

Hi there, I’m currently learning all about Bitcoins functionality for a school paper. However I can’t quite grasp the concept of consensus, probably because I don’t understand the definition. I understand consensus as the general agreement over the whole network, e.g. about the validity of a transaction. A sends a Transaction to B. A signs […]