Hey, new Full Coiners: Congratulations!

To all you new owners of a full Bitcoin, I just want to acknowledge you and offer my sincere congrats. You know who you are. You know that ID’ing yourself as a whole coiner is bad opsec. Yet, its human nature to crave some kind of pat on the back for being so damn clever. […]

Bisq user experiences

Looking for a new exchange to buy BTC, I have heard people talk of Bisq a lot here before. What are people’s thoughts on this exchange? Is it really decentralized, safe & secure? submitted by /u/TheRealSlimyrock [link] [comments]

Electronic Payments vs Electronic Cash

I wrote up a comment showcasing my understanding of the difference between digital payments and Bitcoin. I’d also like to share it here for whom ever may find it interesting. I’ll preface by talking about the discovery of the internet back in the 1830s. Yes, I did just say the internet was created over 150 […]