BITCOIN FIRST, Why Investors Need to Consider Bitcoin Separately From Other Digital Assets. Report by Fidelity Digital Assets.

https://www.fidelitydigitalassets.com/articles/bitcoin-first By Chris Kuiper and Jack Neureuter 01/31/2022 Once investors have decided to invest in digital assets, the next question becomes, “Which one?” Of course, bitcoin is the most recognized, first-ever digital asset, but there are hundreds and even thousands of other digital assets in the ecosystem. One of the first concerns investors have regarding […]

Reminder: You decide what bitcoin is worth

Currently, bitcoins are selling for approximately $38k USD. This is like saying one bitcoin is worth the same as a midsize family sedan. How many midsize family sedans are there? A lot more than 21 million. I am not an insanely rich person. But I wouldn’t sell a single satoshi for less than $400k/BTC (in […]