2022 has shown how valuable self-custody over your money is. After 8 years of hodling, I value my Bitcoin more than any other asset I own.

Been hodling since 2014, was very interested in the technology but never really took a deep dive into the ethos and philosophy of Satoshi/Bitcoin. As someone privileged into a first world country, BTC became an investment vehicle, I never thought about the importance of self-custody and, in turn, generally trusted my bank. I always saw Bitcoin as something temporary to appreciate in value and convert back to fiat.

After years of hodling, seeing the tensions of the world escalate, general populaces at odd’s with their governments and oligarchal/banking cronies, the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has become so much more. From sheltering your value away from oppressive/failing gov’t’s (Turkey’s Lira), being able to take part in some form of banking system when your particular gov’t freezes your fiat accounts (Canada), to being able to transact in your country when the banks run out of cash (Ukraine & Russia), the importance of keeping your assets under your custody is one of the most importance aspects of what it means to be a free citizen.

Bitcoin is apolitical, it is global, it is fair, it cannot be controlled by any select few, it can never exclude anyone in need. Bitcoin is there when banks/fiat fails. For all these reasons, I value my bitcoin more than any other asset in my life. It is my line in the sand that I refuse to be a part of this legacy system that perpetuates so many negative aspects in society today. It is my choice as it is my money.

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