Not to toot my own bugle, but 16 months ago, I had created a thread when Bitcoin was $12000, and enumerated the reasons it was a very bullish asset then. I had also made a rough prediction/estimate of end of 2021 price of $40k, which isn’t too far from what the price is today.

Here is that thread. It was pretty well-received. And most of the points in it still hold. The following are some new developments since that thread. Tesla has become a net holder/buyer of Bitcoin, which makes it the first top company to do so. And it holds/buys ONLY bitcoin, no other coin. Elon Musk has […]

Thank you to all the OG hodlers

I bought my first BTC 361 days ago. Without y’all, institutions would not have hopped on the bandwagon. BTC is now a mainstream macro asset. Unlike other innovations like the transportation (wheel, horse, car, electric)…there has been no innovation on golds utility as a SOV in centuries! I have zero doubt BTC will replace gold […]