Happy Bitcoin day

Do you know what day it is? October 31 Satoshi Nakamoto for the first time published White Rareg Bitcoin – protocol, which has become key in the development of a new digital economy. submitted by /u/AndreyKaPro [link] [comments]

HALP, am stupid

I sent my Voyager Bitcoin to my Coinbase Litecoin address. What do? The transaction is still pending on Voyager…will they realize my folly and cancel it? Or…what? Help plz! submitted by /u/Good-Surprise663 [link] [comments]

Anyone Recommend a Crypto accountant?

Hello- has the community come across some solid, trustworthy, vetted crypto accountants or crypto accountant companies? Perhaps an accountant who has been reviewed thoroughly, has many happy customers, and is establishing itself as the go-to shop for all of your crypto tax needs. I see a lot ads online but hard to know which are […]