Best way to buy monthly and send to a Coldwallet

Hello all, I‘ve started hodling in the beginning of 2020 and invested most of my money into BTC and ETH. I‘m buying monthly with whatever I can put aside. The fee‘s are just to expensive to buy them on an exchange (Binance, CoinbasePro, …) and send them to my coldwallet. So my question. What is […]

Can you believe this??

For a research paper I wanted to include the whitepaper from Satoshi. So I didn‘t really give much thought to it, and downloaded it from the first pdf link that popped up (from bitcoin.org or something). When I then uploaded the whitepaper into my mendeley folder, it automatically put Craig Wright as author of it […]

Rolex or BTC?

I just realized that I have $ 10,000 in cash. I can buy a rolex submariner that I always want from 2016 or I can buy 0.17 this! What would you do? submitted by /u/GiftStunning8872 [link] [comments]