Bitcoin is a store of value, for whom?

Yesterday I wrote an article about Bitcoin, does it have value and 4 use cases of Bitcoin. https://medium.com/p/9d6da7b8feea?source=linkShare-f6c55a7e5841-1632985850 One of the use cases I mentioned is a store of value. The first comment I get is this: “Bitcoin is the biggest scam in human history. It has not seen a recession. Just wait for interest […]

The next run up

Remember when Bitcoin went from $20k to $3k and From $64k to $32k? The next run up is to $100k. Will settle around $60k on a pull back for awhile until the run up after that takes us to $500k. submitted by /u/BitCoinsAreTheFuture [link] [comments]

Hey PlanB …. F💪cking Legend 🚀

Closing > 43.000 in September. Is the model that good? Or is it selffulfilling prophecy with people putting a floor of buyers under the base case, following the stock-to-floor-model 🤔🤔🤔. Anyway impressive, like clockwork…. submitted by /u/PoensieWeit [link] [comments]

China Owning BTC

As everyone knows, China owns a lot of Bitcoin. One thing I’ve been wondering about is what would happen if they were to sell all of it, surely this would crash the price of Bitcoin? It’s obvious that they’re probably going to do something like this in the future with all the FUD they put […]