Help finding an old Reddit post

Does anyone remember a Reddit post, probably late 2017, where a guy posted two screenshots of a conversation. The first was his gf breaking up with him because he was a loser who was obsessed with Bitcoin while all of their friends were “growing up,” buying houses, and having kids in 2011-2013. Then a second […]

Bitcoin Saved Me

After writing: Sorry for the ramblings, Earlier this year, after years of hesitation, I purchased my first batch of satoshis and slowly began my DCAing. Before this, I had very little hope on the outlook of my financial situation, of owning a place to live, and on life in general. I had lost a good […]

If a US Bitcoin ETF happens this year..

How would it even work? If for example, I, as a fictional ETF customer put in say $300 a month… would I be paying for tiny slices of bitcoin each month (e.g. 0.0063) in a price tracker fund, held in a custodial service? Also, will the ETF theoretically lead to a massive supply squeeze very […]

Taxes on paying back crypto loan

If I use btc to pay back my loan how would I calculate my taxes. Say I take 1 million out on loan from an exchange to buy btc and it goes to 5 million then I pay off the 1 million loan by selling some of my btc. How would I go about calculating […]