Anyone ever lost money on lending sites?

Has anyone lost money on lending platforms? I’m looking into putting part of my saving fund onto lending sites to gain interest. Is it worth it, some sites I found Nexo, BlockFi, MyConstant offering 4-8%. They say it’s compound interest but not saying on what period. Anyone got experience in these kinda things? submitted by […]

How is it possible to “sanction” a Bitcoin address?

What is this article even talking about? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-sanctions-bitcoin-address-belonging-172135820.html It doesn’t even try to explain. As we all know, no government can seize funds, freeze an account/wallet, or do anything whatsoever to a Bitcoin address if it doesn’t have the private key. So what is this article talking about? Is it making it criminal to send […]

11 in a row?

Honestly I want so badly for today to end green even if it’s only by a little. I love watching crypto history happening in the moment. This is the type of stuff people look back on and be like wish I bought back then. I’m so thankful I’ve been able to own bitcoin for 4 […]