Reporting a Bitcoin theft in 2021

​ https://preview.redd.it/q04m7sg5cke71.png?width=575&format=png&auto=webp&s=93c6b793ae0abedbc39829b37c71fae19a688c14 Tried to report a Bitcoin theft (malware hack) to the police…sigh The initial application had to be online due to covid restrictions. I was kinda hoping they already had a system in place by now to redirect this to a more dedicated unit or at least that they would gather similar cases so […]

Update to my nightmare with blockchain.com

1) On July 9, I sent 2 wires to my blockchain wallet ($5,000 and $8,000). I did not put the reference number per the instructions – I put my name instead. This was my error. Chat support said the wires were received and then rejected. It is now 22 days since I sent the wires […]

If you encounter anyone who is anti BTC because they believe the distribution of coins is “not fair” tell them they can contribute to fixing this by BUYING AND HODLING, and they will be rewarded for doing it!

The fact that their idea of “fair” is likely not even really defined is likely more than they can handle. The fact that they likely have some weird fantasy idea that Money should somehow uniformly helicopter in to every person on the planet evenly is unrealistic on many levels is most likely more than they […]