Long term opinion : Bitcoin will reduce mass consumerism globally because of its deflationary effect, and therefore will help reduce climate change rate. What do you guys think?

My thinking is that Bitcoin is a secured bank account available for anyone in the world. Not only it embraces third countries to preserve their wealth, but the finite supply makes value go up over time incentiving people to hold long term. In that regard, why would anyone sell something that will appreciate over time […]

Big news for BTC

Germany will allow 4,000 investment funds – managing $1.8 Trillion – to invest up to 20% in #Bitcoin starting tomorrow, July 1st! 🚀 https://t3n.de/news/deutschland-fondsstandortgesetz-krypto-1375731/ submitted by /u/jamsmash2020 [link] [comments]

A question

So I see soooo much positive news about Bitcoin, big billionaires investing in it e.g. Michael Saylor, senator Cynthia Lummis endorsing it, El Salvador recognising it as legal tender… but why doesn’t the price move? 😅 what exactly makes the market shift? submitted by /u/Xyiura [link] [comments]