Is the FUD starting to wear off?

As China bans bitcoin again while India unbans bitcoin again, this is getting played out. The energy consumption FUD is tired BS. The tweets, the misinformed articles, media FUD, etc. This is all getting boring. The fundamentals haven’t changed, and the manipulation is getting boring. Seems like every rally, the same boring FUD comes in […]

If my bank is so concerned about me losing money investing in bitcoin how come they don’t show the same concern for me losing money in online gambling?

Today I received a notice on my banking app about the dangers of investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Naturally my first thought was “Fuck you, I’ll spend my money any way I want”. But this got me thinking. Online gaming is a big problem. It’s highly addictive and destructive and breaks up marriages and families. […]

It seems Marathon felt the pressure…

Now they’ll stop filtering transactions and also they’ll start signaling for Taproot: Marathon will adopt the update without modification. As a result, Marathon’s mining pool, MaraPool, will no longer filter transactions. Once the update is complete, the pool will begin validating transactions in a manner consistent with all other miners who use the standard node. […]