Bitcoin-Lightning powered help for the Covid crisis in India

Help India fight the Covid emergency! With the Covid-19 situation escalating in India faster than anyone expected, an unprecedented health crisis arises. We decided to build covid.lastbit.io to help the crypto relief fund in India, with the mission to help them alleviate the Covid crisis in India by helping them get funds to provide healthcare […]

Don’t lose sight of your “WHY” in crypto

Don’t lose sight of your “WHY” in crypto. We all started the crypto journey for different reasons, whether it’s to save for retirement, pay of debt, save for kids college funds and such. It’s the “WHY” that makes us human in crypto. Those who have been to my zooms are probably tired of hearing me […]

The same posts all the time

I am really really new to Bitcoin and crypto, but I do my own research and ask specific technical questions when I need to to understand things. But jeez…the number of posts recently that ask questions like “should I invest in crypto now or is it just about to dip again?” Or “when is the […]

A warning to new investors and some very important advice.

PLEASE be incredibly wary of the massive influx of Youtube Crypto Gurus who are selling you their “TA”/analysis, often with manufactured and over excited speech. Many of you have just started out investing in Cryptocurrency. Congratulations! You are a relatively new adopter. ​ Naturally you are seeking guidance about investment strageies; for example, “Which coins […]