“The” Reason to Never Sell BTC

I’ll never sell any of my btc, and I will continue to stack sats indefinitely (dca ftw). My reason is simple, and when I share it with people I know, I can see the light bulb moment in their eyes. Why would I ever sell an appreciating asset that I could borrow against for cash […]

Antidote to FUD

I was taking a loot at the 2017-2018 chart against the 2020-2021 chart and trying to decide if I should DCA this week. I made the mistake of reading through some of the top comments in the past 24 hours on here. I see a lot of people posting here looking for reassurance that they […]

a reminder for the newbies

bitcoin never sleeps, but we still need to. i know it can be hard not to look at BTC price during the day, afternoon, evenings, heck even to wake up just to look at the price, but everyone needs a break. disconnect for digital for a while submitted by /u/gameboyfella [link] [comments]

Get ready…

I DCA daily; however, today I bought a lump sum when I saw the price. The last three times I’ve done this the price continued to tank. If it keeps going down today’s discount is brought to you by me. submitted by /u/FarmerInASuit [link] [comments]

Sold all my BCH for BTC

I had been keeping a small amount of BCH as a just in case investment, but the more I have learned about crypto in general, the more I realize that Bitcoin resistance is futile. This thing is a black hole that is going to consume all other storage of value mediums. The consolidation is underway, […]

Bitcoin blessed 💯

I simply do not feel comfortable talking to anyone I know about this nor do I think anyone I know could relate. My hope is someone here understands. This recent crypto correction has put me near 30% off the top of my portfolio… and this is by far the most money I’ve ever had in […]

Bought the dip 🙃

Bought the dip yesterday, bought the dip today… can honestly say never felt so underwhelmed, reason been I first bought at 10k then bought at 29k and now buying at 46 and 43k… feel like I really missed the boat 😫 submitted by /u/jamsmash2020 [link] [comments]